This group is from 15 months to 2 years. The staff ratio is 1 staff to 3 children in compliance with OFSTED.

Now that your child is mobile, the Tawny Owl room offers a friendly and welcoming environment. This room is well equipped with age appropriate toys and also all children’s amenities to hand.


We offer FREE ‘settling in’ sessions whereby you attend the nursery with your child for an hour long period to see how your child fits in and to meet the member of staff from the room who will be responsible.


A daily diary is provided for each child every day recording:

  • Amounts of food and drink taken
  • Nappy Changes/Checks
  • Sleeping times
  • Activities
  • Bottles (If required)

So you are aware of what your child has been doing each day at nursery. A member of staff is always on hand if you have any questions or queries to ask.

My Little Barn owls provides ALL nappies and wet wipes


Planning and Activities


Planned activities are provided every day developing various skills such as creative, role play, outdoor play, knowledge and understanding of the world and the children have the opportunity to paint creative lots of pictures to take home. We actively encourage our children to experience the delights of messy play, pasta play, painting, nappy art, walks to local amenities, sand play , water play and many more to give each individual child to develop in a positive way.