Welcome to our Eagle Owl Room


This Group of children are aged between 3-5.The staff to child ratio is 1 staff to 8 children in compliance with ofsted regulations.

Our pre-school room is a large room with set out with self-selection to encourage children’s independence and the basic skills they will need to prepare them for school life. The children within this room have self-service at mealtimes with the support of the staff, this helps to develop the children’s social and communication skills.

We have a lot of resources within this room and the best possible activities are provided to ensure your children are stimulated, engaging, enjoying and achieving their early learning goals set out within the EYFS national curriculum.

At My Little Barn Owls it is very important that the transition period from nursery to school is taken very seriously, we ensure that

  • Your child’s teacher makes a visit to see your child within our setting.
  • Information is shared about your child’s development through the transition form
  • Role play opportunities are offered for the children to experience school life.
  • Support children and parents where needed within this time of transition

Activities and Planning


The pre-school room is structured and at parts of the day the children will be taken into their key groups to experience activities supporting their literacy, early writing skills and mathematics, all our learning is based around play and the children’s interest.

All children have the opportunity to experience our large role play area where they can re-enact previous experiences and develop their imaginative skills.

We also have a creative and malleable area where children can experience messy play, your children will bring home their works of art to share with you.