This group is from 2 years to 3 years. The ratio of children to staff is 1 staff to 4 children in compliance with OFSTED. 


 We offer FREE ‘settling in’ sessions whereby you attend the nursery with your child for an hour long period to see how your child fits in and to meet the member of staff from the room who will be responsible.

A daily sheet is provided for each child every day recording:

  • Amounts of food and drink taken
  • Nappy Changes/ toilet training
  • Sleeping times (if required)
  • Activities

 So you are aware of what your child has been doing each day at nursery. A member of staff is always on hand if you have any questions or queries to ask.

Potty training is continued and most children leave these rooms fully competent to attend to their own needs. Bathroom hygiene is still encouraged.

All children have their own box for their bags and coats to give the child independence. It also allows children to store their pictures they have made and any toys or soothers from home. All children are encouraged to use their boxes themselves.


While in toddlers they are learning to play with each other and to share their toys. They are actively encouraged to become independent by attending their own toilet needs (with help), finding their own  box, putting shoes and coat on.


We are very fortunate to be located near the park and on occasions staff take the children for games and picnics. 

The children have direct access to the spacious garden and have daily opportunities for fresh air and exercise. Some of the younger children in the 2–3 room still need to have a nap during the day and staff create a quiet area for this as required.